BPhage, LLC is a biotechnology company focused on the development, production and marketing of bacteriophage-based products to implement biocontrol of pathogen bacteria in medical appliances, hygiene and cosmetics, environment, and food processing

Bacteriophages (Phages) are viruses that are capable to infect and lyse (kill) selectively certain bacteria. At the same time phages can’t do any harm to human cells by its biological structure. Unlike traditional ways to kill bacteria (antibiotics, chemicals, etc.), phages eliminate only the programmed bacteria leaving others alive

The possible applications are all the areas where presence of certain bacteria is not desirable:

“Close-to-market” phage-products are proved to be effective to kill the following bacteria:
Salmonella, Escherichia, Shigella, Listeria, Staphylococci, etc.

Based on the efficiency of phages we observe, we believe that phages is a future of bacterial pathogen treatment. So we see our mission to help this happen, in other words to develop the marketable phage-based products portfolio up to production or licensing

BPhage maintains research and production activities in Russia, taking advantage of scientific heritage based on Soviet research on phages performed during 20th century (historically phages’ research was concentrated in Russia and Georgia at that time, nowadays research groups in many countries started development phage-based products)